Fountain Of Youth Academy St. Augustine Reviews

My family and I have been going to FOYA for over two years. Larry and Yvonne are wonderful teachers and role models. The kids get to be kids but still learn discipline and respect. I love the Jiu Jitsu classes and the option to train many disciplines if I want to mix it up.

Bill Duggan

A perfect place for those who want to take care of body, soul and health. high quality family place in martial arts

Rafael Amorim Sorio

I had no idea what to expect when I first went to my first class. Everyone there welcomed me and made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Over the last 9 months I have experienced an amazing physical transformation and have pushed myself further than I thought possible. Coach Glines has mentored me in and out of the gym and I am truly thankful for summoning the courage to go through the door the first time. I encourage anybody who is looking for a gym to call home to stop by.

Mitchell Davenport

this place is amazing truly makes you feel like family to be here . phenomenal teaching methods and great for beginners or experienced martial artists and such a wonderful kids program they really take the time to get on the kids level .

Shawn Mcneeley

Awesome gym with awesome people. I was vacationing from out of town and was looking for a place to train while I was here. Came in for a class and everyone was very welcoming. The upper belts stepped aside to help me with my techniques. I’m glad I found this gym it will be my gym away from home. If you are looking for a place to train Jiu Jitsu in St Augustine I would highly recommend coming here.


Alex Anzivino

I have now had two opportunities to train at Foya academy. I have to say both were some of the most fun I have ever had on the Jiu Jitsu mats. Owners Larry and Yvonne Glines create a relaxed and comfortable environment that is both welcoming and engaging. I have taken both judo and jiu jitsu classes. It is a family school with both children and adults mixed in on Saturday. I got a solid workout and had a great time in the randori and rolling portions of judo and bjj class with Larry and his students. The facilities are immaculately clean and they have a shower and locker room. This is a smaller school, but I would definitely drop by if you are in the st Augustine area.

Charles Harriott

I could not have asked for a better experience while I was going to school in St. Augustine. High quality instruction mixed with a family environment made me feel right at home every time I stepped on the mats! Larry's teaching style is easy to follow which helps you incorporate the lessons learned into your game. Thank you for every!

Nicholas Lambert

Great instruction and great people....when in St. AUGS check it out!

Todd Williams

If your in the St. Augustine area be sure to check FOYA out. It's a great academy with highly skilled instructors.

David C. Lohsen

Great gym. Very experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Melissa Lohsen

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